Meet Our Instructors

Instructors at NJMMAA have put in years of dedicated training into the understanding and mastering of their particular martial art. In addition, each our highly trained instructors continue to participate in ongoing training as they are continuing students themselves.

The ultimate objective at NJMMAA is to to get the results you determine for yourself. Our staff is focused on helping each student learn and get in shape, the most effective way possible for your goals and fitness level. We have a proprietary training curriculum for each martial art that we teach, a continuously growing online video library, as well as specialty workshops and clinics. Our instructors go through continuous learning and training on how to teach more effectively in their respective martial art.

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Sergio Vilas: Asst Adult/Kids BJJ Instructor


Sergio Vilas has a passion for teachings well as competing. You can catch Sergio on the mats daily, training and teaching in our kids as well as adult classes. Sergio is currently a BJJ Brown Belt as well as a Yellow belt in our American Freestyle Kickboxing. Some of Sergio’s accomplishments are:

  • 3x NAGA Champion
  • 2018 Kasai Pro 2 Super Fight Winner
  • 2017 Kasai Purple Belt Light Heavyweight and Absolute Gold Medalist
  • 2016 BJJ Pan Am Bronze Medalist NY NY
  • 2016 BJJ World Championship Competitor Long Beach CA
  • AM Grappling Record 17-2 14 Submissions
  • AM Kickboxing Record 1-0 1KO
  • Am MMA Record 1-0 1sub

Off of the mats, Sergio is also a former track and field competitor holding multiple records for Wallkill Valley HS. He is also an accomplished Snowboard/Skateboard competitor as well as a model and world traveler.

Brian Rast: Kids BJJ/Assistant KB Instructor


Brian Rast is currently a student at Kittitany HS. Brian is committed to his training and coaching, putting countless hours into perfecting his craft as an instructor and a martial artist. Brian is currently a BJJ Blue Belt as well as an Orange Belt in American Freestyle Kickboxing. Some of Brian’s accomplishments are:

  • 2014 Grapplers Quest Champion Gi/NoGi
  • 2014 NJBJJF Silver Gi/Champion NoGi
  • 2014 NAGA Battle at the Beach Silver Gi/NoGi
  • 2014 NAGA Wolrd Silver Medalist
  • 2015 NAGA World Champion Gi/NoGi
  • 2016 NAGA Expert Teens Champ NoGi
  • 2016 NAGA Expert Teens Silver Medalist Gi

Am Kickboxing Record 0-1

Off the mats, Brian is looking forward to finishing up High school and enrolling into college. As well as chasing his dreams to become a professional mixed martial artist.