NJMMAA: Kickboxing

North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts features a hybrid style, combining the most effective techniques from Muay Thai, Savate, American Kickboxing and Boxing in an authentic way.

Kickboxing at NJMMAA

This is a fast-paced class with pads work and teaches defense, counters, advanced footwork, angles, and advanced combinations.
Students will learn principles of striking with punches, kicks, knees, and elbows while utilizing knowledge of distance, timing, and footwork while in the standing range.
The class is a combination of technique training using shadowboxing, footwork training, heavy bag training, focus mitt training, and Thai pad training. These training methods develop devastating power, speed, and superb cardio-vascular endurance. The program develops skills that can be applied in self-defense or the sporting environment. Kickboxing is a physically challenging class; however, each student is given the freedom to train at his/her own pace.
We offer Beginner and Advanced Kickboxing classes for men and women of all ages, including teens. Beginner classes focus on footwork, basic striking technique, pad work and strength and conditioning drills.
Advanced classes put that foundation to practical use – introducing sparring and partner drills, advanced pad work, and fight analysis.
For those interested in training to fight at the amateur or pro level, we also have an invite only fight team that trains full contact kickboxing and fight strategy.

Beyond the transformational benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness at North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts, of equal benefit is the development of real world self-defense skills. Students not only learn to kick and punch with speed, power, and accuracy, they learn to defend against the same techniques in a functional manner. These skills are great for men but are essential for women or all ages. Beyond possessing the ability to successfully handle an assault, training Kickboxing for self-defense promotes inner confidence that can decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim in the first place.

FAQ’s About Kickingboxing

Q: “Should I get in shape before starting Muay Thai?”
Not at all. If you’re not in shape already, our classes will get you into tip-top shape in no time. It’s not only an incredible martial art – it’s also one of the most fun, most high energy and intense workouts around.
“I have a past injury / medical condition. Can I still train?”
If you have a past injury/condition that could interfere with training, we just ask that you speak to your doctor first. Let us know what your doctor says – and if there’s any kind of exercise you should avoid in order to not upset your condition.
“What experience levels are these classes for? Beginners? Advanced? Etc.?”
All of the above. Our classes are designed for people of all experience levels to get an awesome experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet – you’ll get what you’re looking for.
“Are these classes for competitive fighters only?”
Our classes are for BOTH competitive fighters – as well as people just looking to get an awesome workout and learn a powerful martial art. If you’re a competitive fighter, you’ll get the attention you need to become quicker, stronger, more agile, and full of impeccable technique. If you’re not, you’ll get a kick ass workout that’ll get you lean & toned in no time.