Kasai Pro 5 was an amazing event from start to finish. Any of the the fights on the main card could have headlined any event on their own. The under card matches where amazing as well the whole card was the biggest jiu jitsu event put on to date. 

Coach Sergio had a rematch with a Vinicius Ferrea a Fabio Gurgel black belt out of team Alliance/Marcelo Garcia. Their fist match ended in a tie and went to a refferers decision were Sergio lost in a match were many people thought he won. His highlight reel judo throw in the match could be seen all ove flograppling.com 

With a little bit of a bad taste in his mouth Sergio was awarded the rematch on Saturday night at Hammerstein ballroom in NYC. The match started out with both fighters feeling eachother out on the feet when his opponent pulled guard and then secured the sweep. After that he was content to hold and play the points game. Sergio was throwing up submissions trying to get his fighter to engauge but he was content to stall the match and win on pts. With 20sec left Sergio scrambled to his feet mustarded up the energy with 10sec left and shot a hail mary blast double to secure 2 pts and send the fight to sudden death OT. (Video can be found on flograppling IG) 

In the golden round as it is reffered to first person to score a pt wins. Vinicius pulled guard and rightfully so he did sweep coach Sergio in both matches from this position. But, this time Serg was ready for it and countered with a knee bar attempt which gave him the pt to win the match. I was a great evening for Coach Sergio and all his teammates who came out to support him. Showing that be belongs on the big stage with the worlds best grapplers. Not bad for a small gym in Lake Hopatcong NJ!

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Photo cred Anthony Arrigo