We had a fantastic night at Sakura Super Fight Series this past weekend in Dover NJ. We would to give a huge thank you to Prof. Chris Civello for his hospitality and giving our local competitors a platform to test their skills in a friendly environment.

We had 3 competitors head to the battlefield representing the North Jersey MMA family this evening. This tournament format was 10 min submission only and at the end of the 10min it would be declared a draw.

First up on the night was Richie Kamber. At 47yrs young Richie is still getting after it testing himself and representing our academy. Richie dominated the match from start to finish. Securing the the take down to dominate position. He continuously passed the guard into dominate positions securing mount several times and throwing attacks at his opponent. With 30sec left he threw a beautiful arm bar from mount but time ran out on the submission. The fight ended in a draw but Richie had a amazing performance.

Next up was Coach George Moudakis. George was up against a very game opponent from Uptop Martial Arts. The fight started out with a huge throw and arm bar attempt from George’s opponent which dislocated Coach’s finger. But, with true Spartan heart George weathered the storm and found his bearings after about 2-3 mins into the match. The tides turned in George’s favor were he mounted his attack and controlled for most of the fight.

The last 2mins were total chaos with amazing skill and heart shown by both fighters. Trading sweeps and submissions until the final bell, leaving the crowd on their feet. Both fighters hands were raised in the end and awarding them Fight of the Night!

Last up was Coach Sergio Vilas against a very game opponent out of Core BJJ. The fight started out with an aggressive take down attempt by his opponent were Sergio attacked a very tight guillotine which his opponent had to franticly defended to no be submitted. After the escape he went for another take down where Sergio secure a crucifix and rear naked choke attempt nearly putting his opponent out be escaped at the last sec scrambling back to his feet.

The final nail in the coffin was Sergio securing his patented hip toss seamlessly into his back take transition followed by the arm bar submission securing the victory in a little over 3mins into the match. Sergio has been on a tear lately and will be competing this weekend at the Kasai Grappling Championship at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

Thanks again to Sakura BJJ and all our teammates from North Jersey MMA family!