Coach Sergio and George went to the battlefield again for North Jersey MMA Academy at Finishers Show the Art in Rockaway NJ. 

Coach George had a total of 3 matches and made it to the semi finals in this submission only tournament. His first match he said great takedown control into dominate position securing the arm bar in under 3 mins. His second match went very similar to the first make securing the arm bar in about 2min 30sec. George was showing great composure through out the day. In his 3rd and final match he went to over time losing on escape time. We are extremely proud of Coaches progress in the past few competitions.

Next you was Coach Sergio who had a total of 3 matches on the day. His first match was over after securing the take down and choke in under 2 mins. Next he went against a very game BJJ Black Belt were he controled the pace and finished with a kneebar half way through the round. In the finals he dominated the whole match but didnt get the submission. They went to double OT and Coach lost on escape time walking away with the Silver medal on the day.

We are super proud of our coaches for putting on the line and representing North Jersey MMA Academy.

Photo Credit to Giullana Fonseca