2018 Spring Fundraiser

On Thursday April 19th 7pm at Perona Farms in Sparta NJ. Life With Joy will be holding there 2018 Spring Fundraiser. If you are not familiar with what Life With Joy does for our community he is a little break down.

Life With Joy is a home and activity provider for adults with autism. I personally have been a Life With Joy instructor for almost 2 yrs now and am one of its originally instructor for there fitness programs. Along with the MMA fitness classes i teach weekly they also provide yoga, conversation classes, cooking classes, farming and agriculture classes, horseback riding the list goes on.

They also provide housing for adults with autism that are looking to live a life on there own or after there parents can no longer care for them. Once these children become adults there isn’t as much care for them as there was when they are younger. The goal of Life With Joy is to make sure there young and old men and women are taking care of after they are out of the juvenile system.

But like everything else in life it cost time and money to make these things happen. So we would like to invite you to see what we are all about and how YOU can help this community. You can attend the event where there will be food and entertainment.
Young adults $25 Community $50 Donors $100
or you can make a donation of your choosing. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Tickets can be purchased at