UGA Robbinsville Results

This past weekend we had both of our assistant coaches compete at the United Grapplers Association. Both Coach Sergio Vilas and Brian Rast had super fights the evening of November 10th.

First up was Coach Brian in his ADDC rules grappling match. Coach Brian opened up pushing the pace on the feet scoring the matches 1st take down and controlling position for the 1st 3mins of the contest. After the 1st 3mins it went into the 3min overtime where points would be scored. Coach Brian’s opponent was already deducted 2pts for stalling and not engaging. He scored 2 pts on a sweep after a submission attempt by Brian.

Coach scored 2 more pts back with a sweep of his own. Then his opponent went to 50/50 guard and swept and than stalled for the last 1:30 of the match. After the match there was a little confusion on if the match should go to over time with all the stalling from the opponent. In the end Coach lost a razor close match by 1pt. We where very pleased with Brian’s performance against a talented Matheus Correia out of Unity BJJ.

Next up was Coach Sergio Vilas in a 10min ADDC rules match. Coach Sergio had a very tough opponent in Nat Fultz out of Nick Cattone’s MMA. Coach Sergio bumped up to the brown belt division with a last min opponent change and took it all in stride as Coach Serg does. The first 5 mins where submission only and the last 5 mins they would start scoring points to determine a winner.

Nate Fultz came out to score the takedown but landed in a guillotine in Sergio’s half guard. After and escape and scramble they went back to the feet. Nate scored another take down and Sergio started his attack on Nate’s legs both competitors jockeying for position. Sergio swept and got mount and started attacking after various attempts to escape Nate finally powered out and landed in Sergio’s guard.

Sergio started working his controls and slapped on his brutal triangle. Nate did his best to escape but it was to tight and had to tap 6mins into the match declaring Coach Sergio the winner. We are all super proud of both these young men for putting it on the line and representing our gym.