Students of the Month
Marc Scarlatella and Austin Polanish

Huge congrats to Marc and Austin on students of the month! Marc is in our adult kickboxing program.He has been with us for a little over 2 yrs. He started kickboxing for exercise and self defense. Now he is sparring weekly and and taking the steps to stay healthy and able to be self  in protecting himself and his family. Marc is a great example of handwork and staying the course. Not being a young buck anymore he also shows it is never to late to start martial arts training! Congrats we are all proud.

Austin has been with us since pour mini monstas program and is now in our lil monstas program. It as been awesome to see him grow and develop through our programs since he started with us at 4yrs old. He has shown great improvement and we are looking forward to wrapping a black belt around his waist then the time comes! Congrats to both of our students we are extremely proud of you guys!