Kasai Grappling Results

Coach Sergio Vilas Victorious @ Kasai

This Saturday, Oct. 21 @ Baruch College in NYC was the inaugural event of the Kasai Elite Grappling tournament ran by the legendary Rolles Gracie. The event featured the areas finest local academies and grapplers. We had 2 competitors competing in this tournament.

First up was Coach Brian in the Blue Belt division. The coach had a very tough match with a grappler out of Igor Gracie academy. Both competitors traded sweeps and positional advances for the full 6mins of the match. At the end Coach, Brian’s hand was raised in victory 2 advantages to 1.

Not satisfied with the 1st matches result Coach Brian was on the warpath and wanted to make a statement to the rest of the division by finishing his opponent and doing it quickly. Coach Brian came out and locked up a kneebar in under 90secs. Brian has been competing in sub only tournaments lately where knee bars are legal techniques. With a minor brain fart, he was DQed for illegal technique under IBJJF rules. Still a fantastic performance for our young coach!

Coach Sergio was up next. Having advanced to the absolute round against the other champions in his skill division of the day, coach Sergio wanted to put the whole purple belt division on notice that he was there to take the title home that day! Coach Serg had 2 matches of a combined time of little over a minute.

1st match was against a very tough champion out of Igor Gracie’s academy in NY. Coach Serg locked up one of his favorite techniques a straight ankle lock about a minute. Getting his hand raised and advancing to the Gold medal round. Sergio was super focused and determined to capture the title of Purple Belt absolute champion!

In the finals, Sergio made quick work of his opponent. Sergio has a very technical submission in his arsenal called the cry angle. He had a seamless transition from straight ankle lock into the allusive submission known as the cry angle! It was an awesome display of jiu-jitsu. We are so proud of our 2 coaches who put on a fantastic showing representing our academy. Also thanks to George Moudakis for helping coach the competitors at the 1st Kasai Elite Grappling Tournament.

Here is the video of Sergio’s gold medal match and the cry angle submission! Enjoy!