Good Fight Submission Only Results

Coach Sergio Vilas and Brian Rast Victorious at the GOOD Fight sub-only

On September 23rd Coach Sergio and Brian traveled to Central PA to test their skills on the battlefield. If you aren’t familiar with the Good Fight grappling organization they are a submission only tournament. Submission only or sub-only is a format where the victor can only win by having their opponent submit, no points are awarded like in your traditional tournaments. This makes for non-stop action and competitors going for attacks more frequent without the worries of giving up points for position.

1st up was Coach Brian who has been competing in the adult divisions as of this year even though he is still a juvenile. Coach Brian has really stepped up his level of commitment this year on the tournament scene having great showings in his freshmen year of adult competition.

He had 2 matches against experienced competitors. His 1st match was a back and forth war for about 13 mins. With both grapplers trading submission attacks and positional dominance. Coach Brian was able to secure his signature triangle giving him the win and advancing to the finals. In the finals Brian made short work of his opponent submitting him in under 3 mins by ankle lock. It was a great performance from our children’s instructor. All of us are extremely proud of Coach’s performance!

Next up in the light heavyweight division was Coach Sergio. Anyone who has trained with Sergio on the mats knows he is a very talented BJJ practitioner and is a handful for all skill levels. Sergio has competed in some of the most prestigious BJJ tournaments around the country but is now starting his journey at submission only.

Coach Sergio did not fail to impress. Having to move up a weight class and skill division he stomped out his competition by securing one of his favorite techniques the kneebar. In under 1min, Sergio came away victorious in his submission only debut.

We are all super proud of these two young men representing our academy. We are looking forward to seeing them next on Oct. 21 at the Kasai Tournament in NYC