Tom Mattice receives stripe!

Tom Mattice receives stripe!

We here at North Jersey MMA in Lafayette would like to congratulate Tommy Mattice on receiving his 1st stripe on his Blue Belt!. Tom has over come a lot of adversity in his young Jiu Jitsu career. Before starting his Mixed Martial Arts training in 2009 Tommy had major spine surgery that left him barely able to walk at the age of 20 yrs old. Most people would have gave up on any sort of physical activity. Tommy started his training anyway and excelled very nicely. About a year into training we noticed Tom was losing feeling in his leg and his hip would just give out and he would fall over just walking.

So he went back to the doctor and he told him that an other surgery had to be scheduled and he might not be able to walk or do anything physical again. That’s a huge burden on anyone especially a 21yrs old active man! He would be at least 6 months of time off the mat. Where is Mr. Mattice now? Back on the mats moving up the ranks and winning GOLD medals.

So next time you decide to take a day off because your tired, sore or are just being plan LAZY. Think of Tommy then ask yourself should I really be slacking? Am I that busy? Is hanging out and doing nothing really more important than training? Because you never know when you might not be able to train every again! Tommy should be a motivater to everyone around him including myself. To train HARD and make every moment on the mat count! Don’t take it for granted.

I would like to say that I am and I know you guys are to Very PROUD to call Tommy my student, Teammate and Friend!

If you want to train with people as motivated and positive in achieving there goals as Tommy is. Come down to North Jersey MMA in Lafayette NJ and surround yourself with positive, hard working, dedicated people. Tommy is just 1 of the many 3%ers we have training here at OUR facility. Untill I see you on the mats.

Train Hard Fight Easy 🙂


Click on the pic to the left to see 1 of Tommy’s matches on his journey to GOLD at the last NAGA event in Newark NJ

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