Students of the Month and New Belt Stripes

Students of the Month and New Belt Stripes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kickboxing and MMA in Northern NJ

We have 2 Students of the Month for February at North Jersey MMA. A student from our Adult program and one in our Children’s program. First up, from our Adult Kickboxing  and BJJ programs, is James Fuentes.  James has been training consistently now for 3-4 months, and has been putting in the hard work we are look for in an NJMMAA Soldier. Congrats to James!

Next up in our Children’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, “Lil Monstas,” is Millin Duberry! Millin is showing great promise as a young BJJ practitioner.  He is staying consistent and starting to show dominance on the mats. This is how he earned SOTM in our Children’s BJJ program. Congrats to Millin!!

Great job men and keep up the GREAT work!

Mixed Martial Arts classes in Sussex County

We would also like to take a few moments to congratulate 2 of our Kickboxing students who have made their transition to becoming mat monsters. This isn’t very uncommon at North Jersey MMA, to have students start off with interest in one program and after becoming a member at our academy and seeing what we have to offer, they start on their next adventure in becoming a well rounded mixed martial artist.

This was no different with our 2 following students Jess V. and Connor Morrison. They have made the jump from training in our Intro to Kickboxing program to now attending our Advanced Kickboxing program 🙂 Not only that, they are now both enrolled in our Beginner BJJ program. Showing the same hard work and dedication that got them to the Advanced program has flowed over into their BJJ training,  having both of them earning their 1st stripes on their white belts this past Thursday in All Levels Gi Jiu Jitsu class.

Children’s Martial Arts in Lafayette

With all this being said we would like to congratulate all the NJMMAA Soldiers mentioned above and commend them on their hard work and dedication to their training and their martial arts journey! All these students have chosen a positive path in their Life’s journey and we hope they continue you it for many years to come. As an instructor we are looking forward to the day we can wrap BLACK BELTS around all these young men’s waists!

If you would like to take the 1st step onto a positive path in your life… Contact us at or call us at 973-300-0508. North Jersey MMA in Lafayette NJ has been serving Sussex County with the highest class martial arts training in all of County since 2006 and look forward to continuing this journey for many years to come! See you all on the mats! Also we attached a FREE BJJ Instructional for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the picture linked to this article! ENJOY

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