Some NEW Stripes in the HOUSE!

Some NEW Stripes in the HOUSE!

Once again there is nothing less than improvement and progression going on at North Jersey MMA in Lafayette NJ. We have 3 new stripe holders at NJMMAA. These guys have been training CONSISTENTLY and putting in the work that is needed to take it to the next level. We are all very proud of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players these young men are becoming 🙂

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Sussex County NJ.

First up on receiving their new hardware on the belts was BIG Mike Bensley. Mike is one of the newer blood around the school. That being said he is doing what is expected of him and moving up the ranks nicely with his 1st stripe on his white belt. Next up is one of our up and coming YOUNG BUCKS. Jacob Aprile received his 2nd stripe on his Yellow belt and is really starting to develop his game. Along with training he is starting to help with our next generation of Lil monsters coming up the ranks.

Last but not least Brian Zakrzewski our little Polish wonder is turning into one of our first children to move up to the adult class now at the ripe age of 13 yrs old. Brian received his 2nd stripe on his Yellow belt. This kid is 13yrs old and is tapping out grown men. What more can you ask for from this young man!

If you want to learn all these AMAZING skills that are seperating these young men from yourself or your children. Come down and try one of the BEST Brazilian Jitsu classes,Kickboxing Classes and MMA classes in New Jersey. Dont do yourself a disservice anymore. Hop on the train to success and don’t be left behind.

To all my NEW stripe holder congrats. Your coaches and training partners are proud of you. To the rest of you step up your training and games and you will be the next in line for success. See you on the mats


P.S. Click on the picture to the left to check out our Armlock set up from the mount 🙂 Enjoy

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