Some more men climbing up the jiu jitsu ladder!

Some more men climbing up the jiu jitsu ladder!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Sussex County, NJ

We had some excellent energy tonight at North Jersey MMA’s adult all levels BJJ class. The mats were packed and all the students were working hard towards their jiu jitsu goals. After a great drilling session and live training, we took some time to recognize some student achievements.

Receiving his first stripe, is the US Army’s own Dan Flynn. Dan has been training religiously here at NJMMAA since signing up, keep up all the hard work!!! And once again, welcome to the North Jersey MMA Army!!

Next up, receiving their 3rd stripes on their white belts, were our BIG men, Ron “Burgundy” Burd and James Miller. Ron has been hitting the local tournament circuits representing NJMMAA all the way! We appreciate your courage and dedication in representing our family. James is back with a vengeance. After taking a brief training hiatus, he has been hitting the mats hard and has found a new found fire and motivation in himself. It shows on the mat, day in, and day out.

Once again we would like to congratulate these men on all their hard work and determination! See you boys on the mat!!

If you would like to become a more driven, confident, dedicated individual, like the young men mentioned above, please give us a call, to get started on one of the most exciting journeys you will ever embark on!


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