Renzo Gracie Tournament Results

Renzo Gracie Tournament Results

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Northern NJ

We had an AWESOME turn out this past Saturday at the Renzo Gracie Open/World MMA Expo @Jacob Javiitts Center in NY,NY. We had a couple of competitors from both our Beginner BJJ and Advance BJJ programs. Everyone came out and gave it their all. Here are the results:

Jacob Aprile: 1st Gi and 3rd NoGi
Tyler Moore: 3rd Gi
Tom Nerone: 2nd Gi
Adam Riley: Gave it a good showing

Jiu Jitsu classes in Sussex County NJ

All the competitor did an excellent job of staying calm, listening to there coaching and executing their techniques and skills. Both Coach Tyler and Coach Jacob got robbed of their 1st place medals in most of the spectators eyes. Sport Jiu Jitsu really needs to enforce a stalling rule when jumping guard and then now attempting to advance positions, sweeps or subs. Both of their matches where decided 1 advantage to nothing! At one point Coach Tyler picked up his opponent in guard and walked him around the ring trying to shake him off and he attempted nothing. But, that is the game now a days 🙁 But my guys train to finish fights and both of them did finish all their other fights!

So congrats to all the BJJ competitors this past weekend and we look forward to seeing more of you on the podiums! If you are interested in competing or learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing or MMA stop by 11 Rt 15 Lafayette NJ 07848. Give us a call @ 973-300-0508 or email us at We will leave the light on for ya 🙂 See you on the mats!

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