NEW Stripes in the House

NEW Stripes in the House

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Lafayette NJ

Once again we have a lot of Jiu Jitsu knowledge being passed down at North Jersey MMA in Sussex County NJ. First up this week we had long time student Jess Pew receive his 2nd stripe on his BLUE BELT! Congrats Jess we are very proud of the strives you have made with your Jiu Jitsu game over the past couple months! Keep you the good work..

Beginner BJJ classes in Sussex County

Next up was one of our Newer students Matt Schiemo. Matty has been putting in work on the mat the past month or so and has earned his 1st stripe on his WHITE BELT. We are looking for amazing things from this talented young man. If you want to start on your quest to be a better all around human being.. Stop down to 11 Route 15 South in Lafayette NJ and try anyone of our Beginner classes absolutely F.R.E.E !!!!!!!!!

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