New Stripes in the HIZZZYYYYEEEE

New Stripes in the HIZZZYYYYEEEE

North Jersey MMA in Lafayette NJ would like to announce that Jess Pew has received his 1st stripe on his Blue Belt! Jess has been training hard and improving greatly. So congrats Jess. Also keep an eye out for Jess making his Amateur MMA debut in November. If you would like to see how it feels to start obtaining our goals. Come down to NJMMAA and see what winning feels like.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in NJ, Kickboxing Classes in NJ and Mixed Martial Arts Classes in NJ

Do you want to try any of these classes listed above? If so enter your info into the Opt In box on our home page or email us at and get started on being the best human being that you can possibly be. In Shape, Confindent, and Excited about everyday you wake up and attack the world.

The doors are always open and all you have to do is walk in and give a 100% we will take care of the rest. Train hard Fight Easy. See YOU on the mats!

P.S Click on the pic of the Zebras and receive our “Arm Triangle Reverse to Arm Triangle” Instructional… Enjoy my Jiu Jitsu heads.

P.P.S Check out our Youtube Channel NJMMA1 for all jiu jitsu and kickboxing videos 🙂

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