Kickboxing has developed a loyal following of male and female practitioners who train the sport for fitness, self-defense and as a contact sport. The term “Kickboxing” can be used generally to refer to a stand up martial art that utilizes punches and kicks to strike. Many countries worldwide have a version of Kickboxing, particularly throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Some of the most commonly known styles include Muay Thai from Thailand, Savate from France, and American Kickboxing from the US. The individual styles feature their own set of rules. For example, where Muay Thai places emphasis on the use of elbows and knees for striking, American Kickboxing only permits striking with fists and feet, above the hip. By comparison, French Savate, also uses only hand and feet to strike and is the only style of Kickboxing where opponents wear shoes.  There are also rules that govern the number and duration of rounds in competitive bouts, as well as particulars of where and how opponents can strike one another.

In addition to existing as a sport in and or itself, Kickboxing is also a core component of Mixed Martial Arts training and competition. It is impossible to watch a UFC fight without witnessing this powerful martial art in action. It is the primary way that competitors set up their opponents before taking them down to the mat by striking or though the use of Judo, Wrestling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques.

Kickboxing in New Jersey for Fitness

Kickboxing has become so popularized in the past 10 years, many mainstream gyms now feature Cardio Kickboxing classes. While taking inspiration from various Kickboxing styles, these choreographed aerobic classes burn high amounts of calories, as students kick and punch the air set to music. While appealing to some, students interested in taking their conditioning to the next level must seek to train Kickboxing at a qualified Mixed Martial Arts facility, like North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts.

The Kickboxing program at North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts features a hybrid style, combining the most effective techniques from Muay Thai, Savante , American Kickboxing and Boxing in an authentic way. The classes are taught by practicing Mixed Martial Artists, insuring that students learn proper, safe and effective technique. These classes also burn calories far beyond the typical cardio-kickboxing gym classes, through conditioning drills and training using Thai pads and heavy bags.  Benefits of training real Kickboxing includes:

  • Up to 1,000 calories burned per hour session
  • Markedly increased cardio vascular endurance
  • Amazingly effective fat burning, resulting in the creation of a lean, healthy physique
  • Equal to the physical benefits are the mental ones, both on and off the mat: stress release, improved frustration tolerance, increased focus and an incredible release of natural endorphins that result in overall mood elevation.

Our kickboxing classes are equally effective and appropriate for men and women. We are dedicated to providing a learning environment that is friendly and encouraging, regardless of a student’s experience level, age or gender.


Kickboxing in Northern New Jersey for Self Defense

Beyond the transformational benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness at North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts, of equal benefit is the development of real world self defense skills. Students not only learn to kick and punch with speed, power and accuracy, they learn to defend against the same techniques in a functional manner. These skills are great for men, but are essential for women or all ages. Beyond possessing the ability to successfully handle an assault, training Kickboxing for self-defense promotes inner confidence that can decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim in the first place.

Kickboxing in Sussex County at North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts

We offer Beginner and Advanced Kickboxing classes for men and women of all ages, including teens.  Beginner classes focus on footwork, basic striking technique, pad work and strength and conditioning drills. Advanced classes put that foundation to practical use – introducing sparring and partner drills, advanced pad work, and fight analysis. For those interested in training to fight at the amateur or pro level, we also have an invite only fight team that trains full contact kickboxing and fight strategy.

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