Coach Garrett obtains rank of Professor in BJJ

Coach Garrett obtains rank of Professor in BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sussex County

This past weekend, our sister school, Team Renzo Gracie Denville, hosted a Renzo Gracie Seminiar and several new belt ranks were awarded to many deserving students. One of the highlights of the seminar was having our very own Chief Instructor Garrett Goldsberry receive his BJJ Black Belt from Master Renzo Gracie and Professor George Sernack. This was HUGE on so many levels. Garrett is the 1st BJJ Black Belt produced by Professor Sernack and Team Renzo Gracie Denville! Along side Garrett, his fellow longtime training partner and good friend, Dan “The World’s Strongest Lawyer” Frier also received his BJJ Black Belt.

BJJ in Lafayette NJ

Those who are familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu understand that achieving a Black Belt in BJJ is NO easy task. It has taken most anywhere from 10-14yrs to obtain this rank; Professor Garrett obtained his in 7.5yrs! Through countless hours of training, instructing and coaching on the mat, in the ring and in the cage, Garrett has shown his instructors and Master Renzo Gracie, himself, that he has what it takes to join the ranks of this ELITE group of martial artists. As of now, out of all the “MMA/BJJ” schools in Sussex County, Professor Garrett is the only instructor who actually has the credentials to back up these claims and is qualified to teach the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! So don’t be fooled by other’s claims of teaching submission grappling or BJJ. Check them out and see if they are really what they say they are and not just trying to cash in on the MMA/BJJ craze sweeping the country!

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Professor Garrett would like to take this time to thank all of his students, training partners, instructors, parents, friends and family who have supported him through this amazing journey that he has committed 25yrs of his life too. Remember, a Black Belt is a White Belt who never QUIT! It is a lot easier to give up or say you’re too busy, then to actually follow through and reach your goals, set new goals and continue to learn and progress onto bigger and greater things in LIFE! I hope that most of my students adapt this mindset and put it towards their own goals and dreams. I look forward to wrapping their Black Belts around their waist someday, so they can have that feeling of achievement and self worth, the same way I did when I saw how proud my instructor was to wrap that belt around my waist in front of his instructor! The circle goes on and and on and I wish to continue that circle with my own students.. This is what martial arts is all about – learning, progressing and sharing skills and knowledge to the next generation!

Jiu Jitsu Para Vida my friends!

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